Throwback Thursday- School Water Quality

So just this week I got a "robo call" in regards to the issue of the water quality in some of our schools; particularly those older school buildings with lead pipes. After listening to the message go on and on about EPA lead levels and attempt to sell me on the safety of the water … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Water Quality

Don’t say the S Word

Hope everyone is still enjoying their summer. I understand that some teachers have already started back at school. Well, then I especially dedicate this cartoon to you. Enjoy and share it with those that need a laugh to start off their school year. Thanks!

Throwback Thursday- How students change in the school year

We are entering into the homestretch as we will be putting 3 terms behind us and soon entering into the 4th and last quarter. The "honeymoon" period of our little angel students is all but a distant memory, and if you are like me you're probably wondering, what the heck happened to my students?!!! Yikes! … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- How students change in the school year

100 for 180Dayz!!!

  This has been an amazing week for 180Dayz! After a slow start that had me biting my nails, the fundraiser on Indiegogo was a success is raising a $100 to cover web hosting associated costs. The site is still alive and the comics will continue to roll out. Thank you to all the supporters! … Continue reading 100 for 180Dayz!!!

Throwback Thursday- another copy machine comic

Earlier this week I released a comic entitled "Death of Copy Machine," based on a true events that took place in my school (as most my comics are). Here's a link to it if you missed it. Death of a copy machine comic.¬†For this Throwback Thursday I reposted below a comic that shows why some … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- another copy machine comic

Throwback Thursday- School Conditions

On Monday I published a new comic aimed to bring light to the horrid teaching and learning conditions of the Detroit public schools. If you missed it check it out at this link:¬†Despairing Detroit Public Schools Cartoon I also made a little video that shows some pictures from the schools in Detroit, you can check … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Conditions