Public Votes No on Question 2 Comic

During every election there are a number of ballot measures that the public must vote on. In Massachusetts, the number 2 ballot question was regarding if the cap on the number of charter schools should be lifted. Well, this election the citizens of MA responded with a resounding NO! Check out my comic on this issue … Continue reading Public Votes No on Question 2 Comic

Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

The first teacher story is in! A big thank you to Mrs. Bianchi for her submission. Check out the comic and her first year teacher story that inspired it in this post. Now it’s your turn! Help new teachers and see your story come to life in a 180Dayz comic by sharing your first year … Continue reading Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

Throwback Thursday- More Charters Schools Bad News for Public School Funding

In light of the recent news that MA state officials have approved 225 more charter seats, I thought it appropriate to repost this comic that illustrates the damage that this budget-draining move will have on our public schools.

charters are all business

Here's one more comic addressing what the corporations that push charters into our communities are really all about. Stand in unity against this privatization, as we come together this week to push back against the push to lift the charter cap. Share and spread the word of what the real deal is, use the #KeeptheCap.