Class wants a treat, but gets a trick for Halloween

As an educator, I'm not a big fan of Halloween, well, at least not while in the classroom. It's usually a day filled with kids dressed super goofy and acting even goofier, and begging for, nor rather, expecting candy to be handed to them in every class. What's worst, the days that follow usually involve … Continue reading Class wants a treat, but gets a trick for Halloween

Teachers Reading List

To prepare for the mental exhaustion (as well as mental anguish) one faces as an educator in a system that often does not support its professionals, and often undermines them, I have a few suggested must-reads for anyone thinking about entering the teaching profession. Take a look... You may have some of your own to … Continue reading Teachers Reading List

Teaching in your dreams

For some, the school year has already began; for others, it's just a few days away. Either way, most educators have already been teaching for the past few days, or even weeks now, in the form of the "teacher dreams" (or nightmares) that haunt our sleep as the start of school approaches. Have a recurring … Continue reading Teaching in your dreams

Kid Free Summer

One hundred and eighty days of teaching takes a toll on the soul. It's no wonder educators desperately look forward to summer break, when they get time revive and recharge. It also no wonder that sometimes teachers seek a summer of solitude, and often avoid the sight and sounds of kids at all costs!

Teachers Enjoy Your Summer Brain Drain

Well, we once again survived another school year! Now it's time to get some much needed summer break rejuvenation so we will be ready to go another round come September. Thank God for Summer Brain Drain, and I'm not talking about when the kids manage to forget a full years worth of learning in just … Continue reading Teachers Enjoy Your Summer Brain Drain