Reciprocal Teaching Trick

It has been said, that to truly master something, you must teach it. Educators understand this concept and attempt to work it into our pedagogy, employing activities such as reciprocal teaching in our classrooms. However, I don't think many of our students have quite caught on to the potential benefits, and simply see it as … Continue reading Reciprocal Teaching Trick

Spring Break Bliss

Ah, spring break is finally upon us! Who can forget those last few days of school counting down to the break, where it seems like no matter what happens, to quote Bob Marley, "everything is gonna be alright." I hope everyone is enjoying their well deserved time off. Here's a comic I hope will make you time … Continue reading Spring Break Bliss

No Child Left Behind

Here's the latest comic to be part of the new teacher project. You can read the story below the comic. It certainly gives new perspective to "No Child Left Behind." Show your support for 180Dayz project here: "I was teaching Honors Physics to a class of mostly seniors. I thought it would be a good … Continue reading No Child Left Behind

No good nickname

Anyone in education knows that being clever is an necessity. You may not be smarter than you students in a lot of things, but through your years in teaching you will certainly develop a very sophisticated bullcrap meter that will save you from having your students pull the wool over your eyes. Check out the latest comic … Continue reading No good nickname

Share your story and help new teachers!

Want to help a new teacher out? Want to see one of your teaching experiences become a 180Dayz comic? Well, there's a way to do both at the same time! I am venturing forth into a new project this year- creating a book that will help out teachers new to the field by sharing stories … Continue reading Share your story and help new teachers!

Principle Scrooge

Merry Christmas everyone! As promised, here is a new holiday themed 180 Dayz video, a little present to all of my teacher friends that work so hard. I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to share it with all those you think may get a kick out of it. Thanks!