100 for 180Dayz!!!


100 outline color

This has been an amazing week for 180Dayz! After a slow start that had me biting my nails, the fundraiser on Indiegogo was a success is raising a $100 to cover web hosting associated costs. The site is still alive and the comics will continue to roll out. Thank you to all the supporters! You made it happen! Another milestone is that the 180Dayz facebook page (here’s the link if you never checked it out 180Dayz Facebook Page, don’t forget to Like!) surpassed the 100 like mark! So exciting and motivating for me to keep doing what I’m doing to see people liking and sharing the comics on FB. Last but not least, the 180Dayz website has broke through the 100 subscribers mark (finally, lol). Thank you to all the subscribers, subscribing ensures you won’t miss the latest comics and humor from 180Dayz. To be honest, at times I wonder if the effort poured into creating the comics and the website are worth it, but my discouragement lifts when I see such a great outpouring of support from you all. So thank you, thank you, thank you and I hope 180Dayz will continue to bring you laughs in even bigger ways (some more top secret projects are coming… hush, hush…)


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