Later School Start Time

Check out this comic to learn what having a later school start time will actually mean for many of our students.

Another Snow Day- Yea or Nay!

Another snow day today thanks to storm Stella. While a break is always welcomed one must wonder, will this little blessing end up being a curse come summer?

sno more snow days

Wow, I guess that snow day dance did do wonders. Storm after storm has been hitting and now we're getting our 3rd snow day in a row here on the east coast. While a little break is appreciated once and while, sometimes a snow day can be more rigorous than a day in the classroom, … Continue reading sno more snow days

Snow Day Dance!

With the forecast of a whopper of a snowstorm to hit where I live here on the East Coast I can't help but wonder, have some of my teacher colleagues been engaging in the sacred art of the snow day dance? Heck, I guess we could all use a day off, so... let it snow, … Continue reading Snow Day Dance!

Just don’t use the word “Close”

Many school districts are finding themselves in the midst of a¬†severe budget crisis. Unfortunately the go to solution for such has been to close schools and cut teachers/staff. However, due to public backlash for such measures that their harmful effects on our students and communities, it seems some officials have grown wise to this and … Continue reading Just don’t use the word “Close”

Throwback Thursday- More Charters Schools Bad News for Public School Funding

In light of the recent news that MA state officials have approved 225 more charter seats, I thought it appropriate to repost this comic that illustrates the damage that this budget-draining move will have on our public schools.