Throwback Thursday- School Water Quality

So just this week I got a “robo call” in regards to the issue of the water quality in some of our schools; particularly those older school buildings with lead pipes. After listening to the message go on and on about EPA lead levels and attempt to sell me on the safety of the water in our schools, I couldn’t help but think it was the perfect time to republish this cartoon for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Enjoy, and before you crack open that bottle of water in your hand, check out the new 180Dayz store at Redbubble. This week I will be adding 10 of the most popular 180Dayz comics to the store that you can have put on t-shirts, sweats, mugs, notebooks, laptop cases, and all sorts of things. So check back to see what’s new in the store and what sweet 180Dayz merch you can score. Here’s the link:


Don't drink the water!


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