Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Another new teacher story and comic has arrived! (Thank you Mr. D.) Read to see how a creative lesson can turn into a interrogation session. Share your teacher story today to become a part of the next 180Dayz book and earn a free 180Dayz calendar! Thanks!!!! “I was given the privilege to pilot a new forensics science … Continue reading Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Throwback Thursday- Evolution of Teacher’s Lesson Plans

Besides getting some R & R, the summer time is often planning time for many teachers. So while you're cracking open those curriculum books at the beach and planning your school year, enjoy this cartoon that takes one through how a teacher's lesson plan evolves over their career. On a side note, the printing process … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Evolution of Teacher’s Lesson Plans

finding balance

As teachers, we want to give our all to our students and our profession. Whether researching the latest pedagogical technique, planning the greatest lesson in the universe, or attempting to reach that kid that no one got through to, etc.; we are constantly in the tireless pursuit of perfection. However, we may often find that … Continue reading finding balance