Throwback Thursday- School Conditions

On Monday I published a new comic aimed to bring light to the horrid teaching and learning conditions of the Detroit public schools. If you missed it check it out at this link: Despairing Detroit Public Schools Cartoon

I also made a little video that shows some pictures from the schools in Detroit, you can check it out on the 180Dayz facebook page, here’s the link:

180Dayz Facebook Page

Along the same theme, I am included for this Throwback Thursday a link to one of my previous comic post that drew light to some of ugly that teachers in Boston face, such as a staff bathroom that was left in a state of disrepair for far too long. Check out the comic here at this link: No budget for the basics comic

Some of you may recognize this comic from my 180Dayz fundraising campaign as I repurposed it for that. If you haven’t supported the fundraiser for my comics please consider doing so. I have a week left to raise some money to help pay for the website hosting and keep the 180Dayz comics alive. Any amount you can give helps! The link for the campaign is here: support 180Dayz link

Thank you all so much for all the support and love!


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