Throwback Thursday- Don’t Smile until November

Can you believe it? The first two months of school are already gone! I guess you can finally smile... or maybe you better wait until after Christmas!

Sara Starts Over

Here's a first year teacher story and comic about how it's never too late to start things over with your class. Submit your story and get a free 180Dayz calendar. Check here for details as to what I'm looking for: My first year I was hired to teach 6th grade at a charter school in … Continue reading Sara Starts Over

Throwback Thursday- Academic Amnesia

Are your students still fighting off the "summer brain-drain"? Have they forgotten everything they learned last year? Are you dealing with a blank slate? For this throwback Thursday, we investigate the all too common syndrome that plagues our students- Academic Amnesia.

I see your true colors…

Well, September is all but a distant memory, and so are the little angels that once graced our classrooms as we watch them transform now that the honeymoon period is over. Those of you with the 180Dayz Calendar will recognize this cartoon. What a free calendar? Submit your first year teacher story to 180 Dayz … Continue reading I see your true colors…

Principal’s Principles

Another first year teacher story comic. Read below this week's cartoon to learn from Ms. Earnest's experience. We still need more 1st year teacher stories for the 180Dayz book project. Submit yours today and you will not only get a chance of becoming eternalized in a 180 dayz comic and book, but I will also … Continue reading Principal’s Principles

Mr. Menkens Scandalous Cheat Sheet

Another first year teacher story and comic for your enjoyment. Submit yours and watch it come to life as a 180Dayz comic. Go to this link for details: Enjoy Mr. Menken's story about one student's scandalous attempt of cheating on a final. Read his story below the comic. “My first experience teaching was at the … Continue reading Mr. Menkens Scandalous Cheat Sheet