No good nickname

Anyone in education knows that being clever is an necessity. You may not be smarter than you students in a lot of things, but through your years in teaching you will certainly develop a very sophisticated bullcrap meter that will save you from having your students pull the wool over your eyes. Check out the latest comic … Continue reading No good nickname

Poetry in Emotion

Here's a comic based on a first year teaching experience submitted by a friend and colleague of mine. Being an art teacher, he's the super artsy-type and actually wrote his story up in poetic form! Check it out below the comic. If you'd like your story to be a 180Dayz comic and part of our … Continue reading Poetry in Emotion

Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for an elementary school teacher! Seriously, they get showered with gifts while those of us that teach the upper grades might be lucky enough to receive a broken candy cane. Oh well. if we were in this profession for the goods we could get out of it we would … Continue reading Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

Teaching more than content

This comic is based upon a story submitted by a friend and colleague of mine. It demonstrates that at some point in your career as an educator, you will inevitably be faced with delicate and decisive moments where what you need to teach goes far beyond the content of your class, and is far more … Continue reading Teaching more than content

Post Election Comic

There's definitely a palpable tension in the air post election, with many feeling uncertain about the results and what will follow. I know this is particularly true of schools in areas where there are large numbers of students and families whom are not native to the U.S. I  happen to teach in such a school and … Continue reading Post Election Comic

Time to Smile

Another funny about the old teacher proverb, "don't smile until November." Well, we're at the tail end of November, Thanksgiving is coming up, your students and you have gotten into the routine, and Christmas break will be here before you know it. What's not to smile about? Perhaps this comic will help put a smirk … Continue reading Time to Smile