Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

The first teacher story is in! A big thank you to Mrs. Bianchi for her submission. Check out the comic and her first year teacher story that inspired it in this post. Now it’s your turn! Help new teachers and see your story come to life in a 180Dayz comic by sharing your first year … Continue reading Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

Mr. Parker-Smiths Portraits of God

As many of you know 180Dayz succeeded in our kickstarter campaign to fund a 180Dayz school year calendar project. A big help in making this happen was my new friend from the U.K., Mr. Tim Parker-Smith. He was the first to fund the project and also went for the grand prize reward amount. As a … Continue reading Mr. Parker-Smiths Portraits of God

Throwback Thursday- Daylight Savings means Coffee Cravings!

For this Throwback Thursday I'm reposting a cartoon I made last year during daylight savings when my colleagues and I were really feeling that hour's loss of sleep. I really wish they made coffee cups that big, lol!

grievance guillotine

The other day a friend and colleague of mine was talking with me about my work and how there is such a great need for teacher specific humor these days as educators are facing more stressful working conditions than ever before.  Discussing the great need that is out there, we contemplated why the cartoons haven't reached into … Continue reading grievance guillotine