Principal’s Principles

Another first year teacher story comic. Read below this week’s cartoon to learn from Ms. Earnest’s experience. We still need more 1st year teacher stories for the 180Dayz book project. Submit yours today and you will not only get a chance of becoming eternalized in a 180 dayz comic and book, but I will also send the 180 Dayz School Year Calendar to you as a special thank you. Score! Don’t miss out, do it today and start using your calendar tomorrow! Here’s the link for more info:


“I had taken a group of high school students to the local community college for a tour, along with our school’s principal whom accompanied us on the trip. After the tour was finished I had a special treat in store for the students, as I had also set up a meal at a popular buffet restaurant for all of us to enjoy. As we left the college and made our way to the establishment several of boys in my class asked if I had any storage bags and if could they have some. Of course, being the nice teacher, I willingly gave them several. After we had finished the meal, my principal had noticed the boys were still eating a lot of food. We watched as one of the boys went up to a wall in the restaurant, look sneakily from side to side, and open his jacket to check on something in the bags I had given them. The young man had never noticed was that the WHOLE wall was a mirror and everyone that was looking in his direction could see exactly what he was doing. The bags he was holding, the bags that I had given to him, were completely stuffed with food! My principle and I were shocked and I didn’t know what to do. Totally dumbfounded, we left the restaurant without saying anything. Once on the bus I expected some disciplinary action to be handed down from the principle, but nothing occurred. It seemed as though the whole situation was just swept under the rug, or at least stuffed into a bag! I decided the least I could do at this point was to let them know what they did was wrong and how disappointed I was, so for the next several minutes I really fussed at them. That day I learned a valuable lesson: Don’t allow anyone else (including administration) to compromise my principles.”

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