Class President Needs Some Class

With the election and all I figured I'd repost this comic. This cartoon features a student running for class president that has taken a bit of a crude, unpolished approach to his campaign...hmmm... reminds me of a certain politician... Share it with all you know that need a post election laugh!

Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Another new teacher story and comic has arrived! (Thank you Mr. D.) Read to see how a creative lesson can turn into a interrogation session. Share your teacher story today to become a part of the next 180Dayz book and earn a free 180Dayz calendar! Thanks!!!! “I was given the privilege to pilot a new forensics science … Continue reading Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Mrs. Dillingham’s Lab Disaster

Check out this teacher story and cartoon about why teaching about safety in your classroom, no matter how seemingly innocent or safe the activity you have planned is, is always a good idea. I'm still collecting teacher stories for the next 180Dayz book, submit yours now and get a free 180Dayz School Year Calendar!   … Continue reading Mrs. Dillingham’s Lab Disaster

Throwback Thursday- Academic Amnesia

Are your students still fighting off the "summer brain-drain"? Have they forgotten everything they learned last year? Are you dealing with a blank slate? For this throwback Thursday, we investigate the all too common syndrome that plagues our students- Academic Amnesia.

Film Fiasco

This week features another 1st year teacher story and comic for your enjoyment. Keep them coming! Share yours with and get a chance to become famous and score a free 180Dayz Calendar! “My students had just spent nearly three straight hours taking a standardized test. I knew that when they walked into my classroom they … Continue reading Film Fiasco

I see your true colors…

Well, September is all but a distant memory, and so are the little angels that once graced our classrooms as we watch them transform now that the honeymoon period is over. Those of you with the 180Dayz Calendar will recognize this cartoon. What a free calendar? Submit your first year teacher story to 180 Dayz … Continue reading I see your true colors…