Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

My elementary teacher colleagues always get the better of the deal around this time of year...

Copier Craze

Educators understand that the simple things in life such as a working photocopy machine should never be taken for granted... (Special thanks to my colleague Mr. Dalzon for sharing the story that inspired this comic)

Support the 180 Dayz book launch on Kickstarter

Today's post isn't about just one comic, but rather a collection of comics and teacher stories I have been putting together for a small book that I hope will help educators and those interested in teaching gain valuable knowledge and insight from their peers. It's called "A Graphic Take on Teaching, vol. #1, and I … Continue reading Support the 180 Dayz book launch on Kickstarter

Ms. Dillinghams Lab Disaster

Here's another based on a true story taken from a colleague, friend, and supporter of 180Dayz, Ms. Dillingham. She went for the ultimate prize during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the 180Dayz School Year Calendar, and now stars in her very own 180Dayz comic! Check it out to see just how easily students can … Continue reading Ms. Dillinghams Lab Disaster

Throwback Thursday- The story of 180Dayz

Recently I have been gettin some new subscribers and a few others finding out about 180Dayz through the recent Kickstarter campaign (the funding was successful by the way, so look out for the 180Dayz calendar coming out soon!- details to follow), so I thought I'd repost a brief little video that was made some time … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- The story of 180Dayz

Teacher’s Christmas Gifts

Here's a classic 180dayz comics I brought back from the archives just for you this holiday season, think of it as early christmas gift from me to you. I should be dropping a new Christmas comic this week coming up, so watch for it, just like you'll be keeping an eye out for Santa! Don't … Continue reading Teacher’s Christmas Gifts