Principal’s Principles

Another first year teacher story comic. Read below this week's cartoon to learn from Ms. Earnest's experience. We still need more 1st year teacher stories for the 180Dayz book project. Submit yours today and you will not only get a chance of becoming eternalized in a 180 dayz comic and book, but I will also … Continue reading Principal’s Principles


Ms. Rogers Smoking Show Stopper!

The next first year teacher story is in! Check out this new teacher cartoon and Ms. Rogers story that reminds us that no matter what happens in the classroom, "the show must go on!" Have a first year teacher story that we can glean some wisdom from? Want to star in a 180Dayz comic and … Continue reading Ms. Rogers Smoking Show Stopper!

Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

The first teacher story is in! A big thank you to Mrs. Bianchi for her submission. Check out the comic and her first year teacher story that inspired it in this post. Now it’s your turn! Help new teachers and see your story come to life in a 180Dayz comic by sharing your first year … Continue reading Ms. Bianchi’s Snatched Shoe!

Throwback Thursday- School Water Quality

So just this week I got a "robo call" in regards to the issue of the water quality in some of our schools; particularly those older school buildings with lead pipes. After listening to the message go on and on about EPA lead levels and attempt to sell me on the safety of the water … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Water Quality

Throwback Thursday- Digesting Information

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I've taken some time during my summer break to refine some of my earlier work, so for today's Throwback Thursday I'm reposting one of my earlier cartoons depicting one student's unique attempt at learning. Enjoy and share with your friends and colleagues, and I'll keep you informed on when … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Digesting Information

Ms. Dillinghams Lab Disaster

Here's another based on a true story taken from a colleague, friend, and supporter of 180Dayz, Ms. Dillingham. She went for the ultimate prize during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the 180Dayz School Year Calendar, and now stars in her very own 180Dayz comic! Check it out to see just how easily students can … Continue reading Ms. Dillinghams Lab Disaster