Lifting the Charter Cap

lifting the cap on charters

As many are aware, there is a battle in Boston right now over charters, with threats of lifting the cap on the number of charter schools allowed in the city. Those in the know understand the real deal with charter schools is that privatization of our public institutions is not a good deal for our children or communities, but rather it’s the investors that will make out in the end.

Click here for great article on recent charter push in Boston

another interesting read

You may have seen some of my work on what charters are really all about.

Those in the Boston community and beyond are standing united this week against these corporations and their dollars that they think they can pump into lobbying and dupe the unsuspected masses into believing their hype. In honor of this, I am releasing 2 new charter themed comics this week. One today, and one tomorrow (one of my favorites!). Please feel free to share these comics and spread the message.

lifting the cap on charters
Is lifting the cap on charter schools a good idea?

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