Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for an elementary school teacher! Seriously, they get showered with gifts while those of us that teach the upper grades might be lucky enough to receive a broken candy cane. Oh well. if we were in this profession for the goods we could get out of it we would … Continue reading Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

a teacher’s nightmare before Christmas

When teacher accountability goes overkill, such a present may be coming your way this Christmas season! Please share and make a fellow educator's holiday brighter, thanks!

Teacher’s Christmas Gifts

Here's a classic 180dayz comics I brought back from the archives just for you this holiday season, think of it as early christmas gift from me to you. I should be dropping a new Christmas comic this week coming up, so watch for it, just like you'll be keeping an eye out for Santa! Don't … Continue reading Teacher’s Christmas Gifts