grievance guillotine

The other day a friend and colleague of mine was talking with me about my work and how there is such a great need for teacher specific humor these days as educators are facing more stressful working conditions than ever before.  Discussing the great need that is out there, we contemplated why the cartoons haven’t reached into a wider audience that obviously would benefit from them. Honestly, with social media putting nationwide reach at one’s fingertips, it is a bit perplexing. Then he said something that really struck a chord with me, for I realized the truth of it from my own personal experience (dare I admit this and shame myself), as he stated, “Maybe people are scared of repercussions… of rocking the boat and being identified with something risky… the possibility of getting written up.” Wow! How often is it that we teachers, out of fear, don’t speak up for what’s right and rightfully ours, for fear of being known as a “trouble maker.” How often do we settle and sit back in docile compliance to things we know are unjust? How often are we afraid to take a stand, to speak out? How true is it that there is a subtle underlying culture in some of our schools that one should not “rock the boat” or come against the “status quo?” The talk I had with my colleague spawned the “Grievance Guillotine” comic you see below. I know it was a bit risky to create and put out there, but I decided it was time to face some of the uncomfortable truths about our profession. I hope my small step of courage inspires you, and I hope you won’t be afraid to share this cartoon and 180Dayz with as many educators that you know will benefit from it.

“When educators raise their voice and their power, we can reclaim the promise of public education.“- Randi Weingarten- American Federation of Teachers President


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Grievance Guillotine color

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