Mr. Cooper goes beyond the book

Here's the latest new teacher story and cartoon! Check it out and see what Mr. Cooper learned by reading his story below the comic. Want to share your 1st year teacher story and allow a new teacher to benefit from your experience? Send it to “Well, what does the book say to do?” Do you sometimes wish … Continue reading Mr. Cooper goes beyond the book

Throwback Thursday- Just need a few more days of summer!

Here's a 180 Dayz classic that I'm sure many can identify with as we once again kick off the school year! Who's feeling like this?  

Summer School Sorrow

This is my first year doing the summer school thing. I think I could create an entire book filled with cartoons from my brief experience teaching the very select students one gets in their summer school classes, but for now enjoy this little tidbit that I think sums up what many educators feel when teaching over … Continue reading Summer School Sorrow

Throwback Thursday- Digesting Information

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I've taken some time during my summer break to refine some of my earlier work, so for today's Throwback Thursday I'm reposting one of my earlier cartoons depicting one student's unique attempt at learning. Enjoy and share with your friends and colleagues, and I'll keep you informed on when … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Digesting Information

Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

We have all experienced what it is like to have a group of individuals from outside your community come into your building to "evaluate" your school. The whole experience can seem...well, quite alien. I think this cartoon captures it well. It is one of my earlier comics, redone and reposted for your enjoyment on this … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

Throwback Thursday- No Sleeping in Class!

When the weather gets hot and hazy it can make our students feel lazy! Luckily teachers are full of creative ways to keep students up and alert in class, such as the one shown in this comic I reposted for this week's Throwback Thursday. Do you have a favorite and crafty technique for keeping sleepy … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- No Sleeping in Class!