Just don’t use the word “Close”

Many school districts are finding themselves in the midst of a severe budget crisis. Unfortunately the go to solution for such has been to close schools and cut teachers/staff. However, due to public backlash for such measures that their harmful effects on our students and communities, it seems some officials have grown wise to this and … Continue reading Just don’t use the word “Close”

School Budget Bust

With Sticker Friday upon us I'm bringing back my comic about last year's school budget issues that brought the threat (and actual) closings of schools for this weeks 180Dayz "Throwback Thursday" comic. Hopefully this year the education budget crisis can be resolved in a less dramatic fashion, but with our district being 50 million in … Continue reading School Budget Bust

The Dream Disintegrates

Happy Martin Luther King Day! In honor of the man that combated racism and inequality, I thought I would make a comic that exposes on of injustices that still exists in our society today- the inequality of our educational system. As urban teachers we are asked to bridge the learning gap, yet each year we … Continue reading The Dream Disintegrates