Student Participation before vs during the pandemic

Sorry haven’t put up a comic in a while, this virtual and hybrid teaching is way more work than I ever imagined. Taking a lesson and reformatting it so that it can be equally effective for students learning from home as well as those coming into the classroom is very challenging to say the least! This has been a challenging year for all: students, parents, teachers, administrators, etc. We are all trying to do the best we can during this time. As I have been gaining experience teaching online, there is an interesting pattern I noticed- a lot of the issues teachers face with students learning online are nearly identical to the issues we had before the pandemic! Take the example of student participation shown in today’s comic. It often was just as difficult to get all students to freely participate in class when we were together, as it is now that we are learning online (except now they can really disappear by turning off their cameras!).

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