Teacher Shortage Solution?

How do we solve the teacher shortage crisis that has gripped our nation? Many have opted for the quick fix, and have begun to “lower the bar,” recruiting en mass inexperienced and unqualified people into the field of education as quickly as possible. However, anyone with experience in this field knows that such individuals will likely not make it through their first school year; with a great deal not surviving even the first month. And the “revolving door” continues to spin…
So how do we attract and retain highly qualified professionals into this vocation, no this calling of teaching the next generation of leaders, scientists, innovators entrepreneurs, and peacemakers? How about paying us what we’re worth, appreciate us for what we do, give honor where honor’s due, and don’t put the entire burden of fixing a dysfunctional society’s problems solely upon our shoulders? Teachers and schools should not be the scapegoat forced to bear the blame of the results of a broken system that we have little to no power to control or rectify. We are expected to produce remarkable results with very little resources, receive even less in terms of compensation and recognition for our efforts, and are publicly shamed if we ever dare complain or campaign for an improvement in our conditions. And yet the “experts” are baffled by the teacher shortage crisis! SMH!

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