Arg Artifacts Again!

Arg, it's that time of year again. Evaluations! Artifacts! Scan and deliver! I've been so busy scanning, photographing, uploading, writing, and doing basically everything I can to show that, yes, I have actually been working my butt of teaching all year, and, contrary to popular belief, teachers do not just sit on our butts all … Continue reading Arg Artifacts Again!


Big Brother is Watching…

As the systems used to evaluate teachers continue to evolve, it is increasingly becoming the norm that classroom observations are an integral part of the process. However, some administrators have taken the approach a bit too far, evolving into a sort of "Big Brother" that desires to see and know all, which often results in … Continue reading Big Brother is Watching…

Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

We have all experienced what it is like to have a group of individuals from outside your community come into your building to "evaluate" your school. The whole experience can seem...well, quite alien. I think this cartoon captures it well. It is one of my earlier comics, redone and reposted for your enjoyment on this … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

Throwback Thursday- Artifact Overload!

It's the time of year again when we teachers will be scanning until the cows come home trying to upload "evidence" of our teaching practice and earn the sacred stamp of approval of "proficient" (or even the holy grail of "exemplary!"). If only it was as simple as it is shown in this cartoon to … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Artifact Overload!

Throwback Thursday- Attack of the Acronyms!

It seems like with every passing week there are a least a dozen new acronyms associated with education. This Throwback Thursday comic is a favorite of a friend and colleague of mine and illustrates how teachers can feel lost in this sea of acronyms. Enjoy and share it with all those who could relate. Thanks!

grievance guillotine

The other day a friend and colleague of mine was talking with me about my work and how there is such a great need for teacher specific humor these days as educators are facing more stressful working conditions than ever before.  Discussing the great need that is out there, we contemplated why the cartoons haven't reached into … Continue reading grievance guillotine