Arg Artifacts Again!

Arg, it’s that time of year again. Evaluations! Artifacts! Scan and deliver! I’ve been so busy scanning, photographing, uploading, writing, and doing basically everything I can to show that, yes, I have actually been working my butt of teaching all year, and, contrary to popular belief, teachers do not just sit on our butts all day and read the newspaper while our students lob paper airplanes and spitballs at one another. In fact, this whole ridiculous process of trying to cram a year’s worth of teaching evidence into a few documents has had me so stressed and busy, I haven’t even had time to bust out a new comic this month (so I hope you enjoy this oldie but goodie I posted that sums up how I’m feeling this month). I wish I could just scan my brain instead, perhaps if the administrators could take a peak into my mind and memory they would deem me worthy of my position!

If only uploading artifacts for teacher evaluations was this easy!

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