Throwback Thursday- Test Stress

Once again standardized testing time has creeped up upon us! And with finals right around the corner too, I thought it would be a good time to repost a comic that outlines the phases of test taking. Enjoy, and don't forget to check out the campaign for the 180Dayz 2017 School Year Calendar. Here is … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Test Stress


Throwback Thursday! Here’s one on testing…

Throwback Thursday! I'm going to start reposting some of my first 180Dayz comics. Each Thursday I'm going to resurrect one from the archives, just for you! I'm putting up this one this week as we have testing coming up at our schools. With the president pulling back on NCLB you would think these tests would … Continue reading Throwback Thursday! Here’s one on testing…

life without standardized tests

Obama has announced plans for limiting the amount of standardized testing being used. I am sure some veteran teachers among us can remember a time when education use to be about inspiring young people, helping them to grow as a scholar and a person, and embracing their talents as well as the those of the … Continue reading life without standardized tests

Standardized Testing Pushback!

Ok, not a comic, but a new one is being released tomorrow, but more on that later... For now, I heard this on NPR radio this evening when driving home from a wonderful get together hosted by the Boston Teacher's Union (thank you for the good conversation and food my friends!). It seems some parents … Continue reading Standardized Testing Pushback!