Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

We have all experienced what it is like to have a group of individuals from outside your community come into your building to "evaluate" your school. The whole experience can seem...well, quite alien. I think this cartoon captures it well. It is one of my earlier comics, redone and reposted for your enjoyment on this … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- School Improvement Committee

Mexico Teacher Strike

Here's a comic dedicated to our colleagues in Mexico City that continue to fight against bogus education reforms. Their boldness and courage is amazing! Solidaridad Con Las Y Los Maestros De Mexico !

Throwback Thursday- Another Acronym for helping kids write???

So this comic may be a bit of a inside joke for all the ELA teachers out there, but doesn't most humor in teaching involve inside jokes? Anyways, here's a reprint of another one of my older comics about acronyms. I first created this cartoon after our entire school was told during PD that we needed … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- Another Acronym for helping kids write???

Throwback Thursday! Here’s one on testing…

Throwback Thursday! I'm going to start reposting some of my first 180Dayz comics. Each Thursday I'm going to resurrect one from the archives, just for you! I'm putting up this one this week as we have testing coming up at our schools. With the president pulling back on NCLB you would think these tests would … Continue reading Throwback Thursday! Here’s one on testing…