life without standardized tests

what would teaching be like if standardized testing was eliminated
what would teaching be like if standardized testing was eliminated

Obama has announced plans for limiting the amount of standardized testing being used. I am sure some veteran teachers among us can remember a time when education use to be about inspiring young people, helping them to grow as a scholar and a person, and embracing their talents as well as the those of the instructors that taught them. Instead of our careers riding on test scores, basically forcing us to “teach to the test,” educators enjoyed more freedom with their curriculum and the direction to take student learning, and student learning as a result blossomed. Arts, athletics, and extra-curricular were embraced, not shunned and shut down to free up time for more test prep and drill and kill in reading, writing, and math. I thinking teaching and schools in general were a more well rounded place were students actually enjoyed attending, not the stress ridden high stakes testing warehouses that they are today. What if we could set the ed reform clock back… imagine, just imagine…. perhaps Obama’s declaration will be the step the sets education in the right direction again.

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