Teachers 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this 12 days of Christmas teacher comic. Click on the image to enlarge and zoom in on it. I hope all have a safe and wonderful holiday break. -Scott


Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for an elementary school teacher! Seriously, they get showered with gifts while those of us that teach the upper grades might be lucky enough to receive a broken candy cane. Oh well. if we were in this profession for the goods we could get out of it we would … Continue reading Evolution of Teacher Christmas Gifts

Post Election Comic

There's definitely a palpable tension in the air post election, with many feeling uncertain about the results and what will follow. I know this is particularly true of schools in areas where there are large numbers of students and families whom are not native to the U.S. I  happen to teach in such a school and … Continue reading Post Election Comic

A Teacher’s Independence Day

Happy 4th of July from 180Dayz! Hope you are enjoying the holiday and your summer break. Here's a new comic to get your celebrations started. Speaking of celebrating, the 180Dayz Calendar Project is 90% funded!  We only have a few days left to go, and if the goal isn't reached then the funding doesn't go … Continue reading A Teacher’s Independence Day

Graduation Grief

As the time comes upon us once again to applaud the pinnacle of our students' achievements as they cross that graduation stage, this cartoon helps illustrate how this can sometimes can be bitter-sweet experience for some educators. Click on the comic to see the larger version, and enjoy and share it, and please, please, please don't … Continue reading Graduation Grief