Class wants a treat, but gets a trick for Halloween

As an educator, I'm not a big fan of Halloween, well, at least not while in the classroom. It's usually a day filled with kids dressed super goofy and acting even goofier, and begging for, nor rather, expecting candy to be handed to them in every class. What's worst, the days that follow usually involve … Continue reading Class wants a treat, but gets a trick for Halloween

Happy Holidays or Not

As our schools and places of work get increasingly "politically correct," has anyone else noticed it's gotten a lot harder to wish someone a Merry Christmas or even a Happy Holidays?

We Made It!

Can you believe it? We survived another school year! Congratulations goes out to all those educators out there who once again gave their all to our youth. I hope you receive all the refreshment you need from your well deserved summer break. I myself will be working on few side-projects, so you may notice a … Continue reading We Made It!

The Depreciation of Teacher Appreciation

Well, teacher appreciation week has come and gone, and I think it's safe to say that society still lacks a true grasp of the significant that the field of education plays in not only molding the lives of our young people, but also shaping the future of our world. I mean, the only recognition I … Continue reading The Depreciation of Teacher Appreciation