School Supplies in Short Supply

Many educators understand that in order for our students to thrive, our classrooms need to be stocked with the supplies we need to teach and that students need for learning. However, with shrinking educational budgets, it's often up to teachers to figure out how to obtain what they need for their classrooms, as often asking … Continue reading School Supplies in Short Supply

Throwback Thursday- More Charters Schools Bad News for Public School Funding

In light of the recent news that MA state officials have approved 225 more charter seats, I thought it appropriate to repost this comic that illustrates the damage that this budget-draining move will have on our public schools.

Throwback Thursday- McKinsey Report

In light of the recently released McKinsey Report, I thought for this Throwback Thursday the cartoon below would be quite fitting. (link to BTU summary of McKinsey Report or Click here for full report). The question remains, why is it that closing schools and cutting teachers seems to be the quickest and only solutions ever proposed to the crisis … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- McKinsey Report

Teacher Salaries, Are we worth it?

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! With the media attacking teacher salaries the week before we are supposed to be honoring educators (click here for link to article) , I thought it would be appropriate to create a cartoon that addresses this issue. I hope you enjoy it, share it with all your friends and colleagues (click the share buttons … Continue reading Teacher Salaries, Are we worth it?

Chicago School Strike

Here's one in the spirit of unity for my Chicago colleagues that taking a stand and fighting to get a fair contract and more support for their schools and students. Show your support! Sign the petition here at this link: Stand with Chicago Teachers- Sign this petition! Keep abreast of the developments via the CTU at this … Continue reading Chicago School Strike