Enjoying summer break a bit too much

You know you're enjoying your summer vacation when you no longer remember what day it is!


Losing your Marbles

Has teaching ever caused you to lose your marbles? Check out the teacher story and comic below of how one teacher lost her's, literally! Submit your teacher story and it too can become a 180Dayz comic https://180dayz.com/180dayz-new-teacher-book/ My first year teaching I had one particular student in my class who was a real “handful”. He … Continue reading Losing your Marbles

A Shocking Science Lesson

Enjoy this comic based off another teacher story sent to me at 180dayzcomics@gmail.com. A special thanks to Mrs. Lorenz for sharing her electrifying lesson (pun intended)!  You can read her full story below the comic. Want a chance to share your teaching experiences, see your teacher story turned into a 180Dayz comic and become part of our … Continue reading A Shocking Science Lesson