School Supplies in Short Supply

Many educators understand that in order for our students to thrive, our classrooms need to be stocked with the supplies we need to teach and that students need for learning. However, with shrinking educational budgets, it's often up to teachers to figure out how to obtain what they need for their classrooms, as often asking … Continue reading School Supplies in Short Supply


Stores shouldn’t sell school supplies in July!

Seems like stores have already cleared out their shelves of summer wares to make room for school supplies. Now stepping into a store brings a reminder that our summer vacation is fading fast. I use to think it was bad when they would put out the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but this is worse, it's … Continue reading Stores shouldn’t sell school supplies in July!

Where do missing school supplies go

Teachers, have you had the mistaken assumption that you could leave some items behind at school over the summer break, only to find that they have vanished without a trace when you get back in September. Why do things like chairs, file cabinets, fans, books, etc. disappear over the summer? Where do the missing school … Continue reading Where do missing school supplies go