Teacher Therapy

Sometimes the stresses of teaching can become so overwhelming, what an educator really needs is not a new pedagogical technique, more technology in the classroom, or even a bigger cup of coffee. Rather, we may benefit more from a good ol' therapy session!


Almost an Academy

Is it just me, or is it all of a sudden that every school is now suddenly an "academy?" I guess there must be something to a name after all...

I’m teaching what?

Here's a comic and story from one of my own experiences from teaching. It's amazing how things can change for a educator with little warning or notice. Check out the comic and story below. It was the first day of school, summer was officially over and my career as an educator was about to kick off. … Continue reading I’m teaching what?

Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Another new teacher story and comic has arrived! (Thank you Mr. D.) Read to see how a creative lesson can turn into a interrogation session. Share your teacher story today to become a part of the next 180Dayz book and earn a free 180Dayz calendar! https://180dayz.com/180dayz-new-teacher-book/ Thanks!!!! “I was given the privilege to pilot a new forensics science … Continue reading Mr. D’s Killer Lesson

Principal’s Principles

Another first year teacher story comic. Read below this week's cartoon to learn from Ms. Earnest's experience. We still need more 1st year teacher stories for the 180Dayz book project. Submit yours today and you will not only get a chance of becoming eternalized in a 180 dayz comic and book, but I will also … Continue reading Principal’s Principles