180Dayz New Teacher Book

Want to help a novice teacher? Got some teaching advice? Have some experiences that would help one of your colleagues out that are new to the education field?
Support the 180 Dayz project- “A Graphic Take on Teaching, vol.1” on Kickstarter (Here’s the link: Support on Kickstarter). Donate today! I’m also looking to hear your story for Volume 2.
Share your first year teaching story with 180Dayz! Your story could be made into the latest 180Dayz comic and end up as part of the newest 180 Dayz project. Help a new teacher out and become a star all at the same time! It doesn’t get any better than this! Read the questions below for guidance and then submit your story to 180dayzcomics@gmail.com


So what’s this all about?

Using comics, humor, and real classroom stories, a book is being formed that will help new teachers learn from their more seasoned colleagues and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls of the profession.

What do I write?

Share a classroom story or experience from you first year(s) teaching and what you learned from it that will help other novice teachers out.

How do I send you my story?

Send it to 180dayzcomics@gmail.com. You can put the story in the body or attached it as word doc.

How long does it have to be?

As long or short as you need to tell your story/experience and wisdom gained from it, but if you’re one of those detail orientated types and need specifics, I’d say between 200 words to no more than 500 words please.

When do you need this?

As soon as possible! I have started working on this project and need your stories so I can begin to create the comics based on what you shared. I know we all are busy with the start of school, but if you could take a moment this weekend to get this to me that would be greatly appreciated.

What do I get out of this?

Fame! Lol! Seriously though, your story will be made into a 180Dayz comic and posted on the site, and your story/experience along with the comic will (hopefully if all goes swimmingly) become part of a printed book. This book is purposed to help novice teachers, so you will be impacting the field of education and helping your fellow colleagues as well. So the greatest benefit will be that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside.

What am I waiting for?

I don’t know! Lol! Go ahead, send me your story/experience today. Millions of new teachers await your wisdom!

Thank you for your contribution and for becoming part of something amazing.