Merciless May

Is it only me, or is there not enough school holidays in May?...


Spring Break Bliss

Ah, spring break is finally upon us! Who can forget those last few days of school counting down to the break, where it seems like no matter what happens, to quote Bob Marley, "everything is gonna be alright." I hope everyone is enjoying their well deserved time off. Here's a comic I hope will make you time … Continue reading Spring Break Bliss

Navigating through a jammed copy machine

It's the cause of countless hours of anxiety for educators everywhere- the jammed copy machine. While the task of locating the jammed paper and getting the machine going again may seem simple at first; the truth is you'll end up covered in toner and perspiration within minutes, with the copier still blaring its flashing lights, beeps, … Continue reading Navigating through a jammed copy machine