Another Snow Day- Yea or Nay!

Another snow day today thanks to storm Stella. While a break is always welcomed one must wonder, will this little blessing end up being a curse come summer?


sno more snow days

Wow, I guess that snow day dance did do wonders. Storm after storm has been hitting and now we're getting our 3rd snow day in a row here on the east coast. While a little break is appreciated once and while, sometimes a snow day can be more rigorous than a day in the classroom, … Continue reading sno more snow days

Snow Day Dance!

With the forecast of a whopper of a snowstorm to hit where I live here on the East Coast I can't help but wonder, have some of my teacher colleagues been engaging in the sacred art of the snow day dance? Heck, I guess we could all use a day off, so... let it snow, … Continue reading Snow Day Dance!

Snow day comic- Vote for how you spend a snow day

Due to the weather giving us a snow day on the first day of Spring, I decided to post a throwback comic today about snowdays rather than on my usual Thursday (which means my new cartoon about charter school waitlists will be released this Thursday, so be on the lookout for that one.). Check out this … Continue reading Snow day comic- Vote for how you spend a snow day

Teacher’s Christmas Gifts

Here's a classic 180dayz comics I brought back from the archives just for you this holiday season, think of it as early christmas gift from me to you. I should be dropping a new Christmas comic this week coming up, so watch for it, just like you'll be keeping an eye out for Santa! Don't … Continue reading Teacher’s Christmas Gifts