Where do missing school supplies go


Teachers, have you had the mistaken assumption that you could leave some items behind at school over the summer break, only to find that they have vanished without a trace when you get back in September. Why do things like chairs, file cabinets, fans, books, etc. disappear over the summer? Where do the missing school supplies go? I think this comic may give us some insight as to what really occurs.



  1. OMG!!!!! I have had sooo many of my supplies taken out of the Arts Studio that it isn’t even funny anymore!! This is so on time!! I use to load up my Hummer and haul things back and forth just for safe keeping. Now that I have a really bad hip I can no longer lift all those heavy boxes.


    1. Yikes, what a pain, literally! Maybe you could just chain a couple of pitbulls to the studio tables before you leave for the night and post a beware of dogs sign on your classroom door. That may keep the supplies from wandering out of your room.
      Of course, nothing is safe from the vortex, lol!


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