Film Fiasco

This week features another 1st year teacher story and comic for your enjoyment. Keep them coming! Share yours with and get a chance to become famous and score a free 180Dayz Calendar!


“My students had just spent nearly three straight hours taking a standardized test. I knew that when they walked into my classroom they would be completely burnt and it would nearly impossible to get them to do any meaningful work. I decided to give them a bit of a break and show them part of a movie I believed was entertaining yet also relevant to our biology class’s content. So I popped in the movie Gattaca and handed the students a note sheet to fill out while they watched. I sat back down at my desk and relaxed, thinking my job was done, that is until I saw a flash of light and heard a student scream. I ran over and saw one of my students frantically beating his hand trying to extinguish the fire that had consumed it. Thankfully the flames lasted only a few moments and his hand emerged unscathed. After I took a moment to calm myself I asked the student what the hell he was thinking! He said he saw a youtube video where you use spray on collogue and a lighter to ignite your hand. I guess he figured my darkened classroom was the perfect environment for his test of this little experiment. That day I learned a valuable lesson. When you decide to show a film or even a part of a film in your classroom, be sure to continue to monitor what your students are doing. They may find it the perfect opportunity to try something really dumb, not to mention dangerous!”
-Mr. F.

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