Throwback Thursday- We survived another school year!!!

We made it! School's over and summer is here!
We made it! School’s over and summer is here!

Well the season’s over folks, we survived the school year. To celebrate I’d like to repost my comic from last year. Teaching can sometimes feel like running a marathon, but we can now rest assured that we finished the race and now get a much needed break to recharge.

Please continue to look to over the summer as the new comics will continue to come. (Especially since I’m going to be teaching summer school this year; I’m sure I’ll get some great material from that experience, lol!).

Also, please make sure you check out the 180 Dayz School Year Calendar project on There’s only 2 weeks left for us to reach our goal or it’s not going to happen. Your support today will ensure that teachers will have a calendar that will keep the laughs coming all next school year.  I hope everyone has a great summer, and I’d like to give a special thank you to all of those that backed the project on kickstarter and those that have subscribed to 180Dayz and continue to spread the word about the comics. You all rock!!!!

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