Support 180Dayz Crowdfunding Campaign

Greetings friends, I have decided to put you all to the test, lol!  While 180Dayz is a labor of love for me and I believe that I work I do through the site helps my teacher colleagues by providing them some much needed humor and stress relief, their are some costs associated with running the site (obviously a huge time and labor commitment on my part, but maybe less obvious is the cost for webhosting, etc.). As of now any work you see published has been pro bono and I do not run any pesky advertisements on the site. Basically, any costs to run 180Dayz has been financed by moi. I wanted to put the moxy of 180Dayz to the test and see if the fans find it worthy enough to open up their wallets and donate a couple of bucks to keep it going. Thus, I’m trying to raise $100 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to keep 180Dayz up and running (it says campaign amount is $500, but that’s because that’s the minimum amount I must put for some reason, I’m actually just trying to get $100 to cover webhosting and such for this year). It’s a short campaign of just 2 weeks, but if it proves successful it will give me the confidence to push forward into some more substantial 180Dayz offerings and products 🙂  (but more to come on that when this campaign is a success!). So if you can, even if it’s a dollar, show 180Dayz some love and contribute to the campaign, and please share this with all those who would care. The link to the campaign on Indieogo is here:

180Dayz Campaign

Help keep 180Dayz alive
Help keep 180Dayz alive

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