don’t smile until November

teachers don't smile until November
teachers don't smile until November
some teachers warn, “don’t smile until November”

As we get rolling through our first few weeks of school and the “honeymoon period” starts to fade and reality sets in, what classroom management approach will you take? I’ve actually really had a teacher give me this advice once. I was told, “don’t smile until november.” I never could follow that advice, so I’m not sure how well it works, but I definitely know now that it does take a few years of experience before you get your classroom management really down, whether you smile or not. Heaven knows we have a lot less to smile about now with the increasing pressure and work being put upon us these days, so I can certainly identify with this women who is having a difficult time finding any reason to by cheerful throughout the year. What about you, are the new challenges we face as teachers getting you down more than ever. Well, I at least hope this comic brings a grin to your face, even for a brief moment.


  1. After 29 years in the business….I try not to smile, but if a student says something that is on point..I can’t help it…I have to crack a smile.!!!


    1. I feel you, I myself can’t make a day without smiling and laughing with my students. Of course, there’s plenty of times throughout the day when I’m serious with them too. Gotta have that balance…


  2. This year I started my classes with pleasant disposition and that includes smiling, bringing positive energy every day, and so far so good. Can’t complain at all. I’m grateful.


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