The Final Countdown! Last Day to support 180Dayz Calendar Campaign!

This is it folks! As many of you know we started a campaign on kickstarter some time ago to raise the funds needed to print a school year calendar featuring 12 all new 180dayz comics. Well, the last day of the campaign is upon us. We almost at our goal as we have 94% of the funds raised, but with Kickstarter in order for any of the funds to be released the campaign must make its goal, the 100% mark. (It’s all or nothing funding with Kickstarter projects). So, if anyone has been putting it off until the last minute, this is the last minute my friends. Please go to this link to see the kickstarter campaign: . I want to thank all who have shown their support already, and want to let you know I have been quite busy working on the comics for this calendar. I am excited to see this project come to fruition and thank everyone for their continued support of 180dayz and hope my comics continue to bring some relief and laughs to your days.


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