UK invades 180Dayz! 1st to support Kickstarter Campaign!

Hopefully you are aware that I have begun a crowdfunding campaign for the first 180Dayz product launch, a 2017 school year calendar! Please check out the campaign at . I’m excited to announce that the first supporter of the campaign came all the way from the U.K.! It’s awesome to see the reach of the 180Dayz comics going beyond the U.S., and though I’ve always known I had a few international fans out there, it is really cool that I’m getting support for this 180Dayz project from around the world. In light of this recent event, I made a quick promo video that you should check out, and I’m also going to post a new comic with a British element in it this week in honor of Tim from the U.K.’s first donation to the campaign. Enjoy and spread the word. Let’s make it happen!

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