Tribute to Anthony Albano

Tribute to Anthony Albano
Tribute to Anthony Albano
A Tribute to Anthony Albano

Creating this comic was a labor of love. Last year we lost one of the pillars of our school community. Mr. Anthony Albano held East Boston High School in his heart, and we were all heartbroken when he passed away all too soon last October.I will never forget the kindness he showed, the tireless help he gave, and his witty sense of humor that always had us cracking a smile. Like so many of the staff, parents, and students here, Mr. Albano took me under his wing when I first joined the school and made me feel at home. I know that all of us here at EBHS are still under his wings, but now those of an angel. We miss you Albano! Don’t worry, we will keep fighting the good fight in your honor.

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