Throwback Thursday- Just need a few more days of summer!

Here's a 180 Dayz classic that I'm sure many can identify with as we once again kick off the school year! Who's feeling like this?  

School Safe House

There are many reasons for a teacher to want to end their summer vacation early and get a headstart on school; but one reason that trumps all others is the dreaded in-law's visit!!!! Lol!

Don’t say the S Word

Hope everyone is still enjoying their summer. I understand that some teachers have already started back at school. Well, then I especially dedicate this cartoon to you. Enjoy and share it with those that need a laugh to start off their school year. Thanks!

Profile of a Teacher (school year vs. summer)

This week's 180 Dayz cartoon demonstrates the metamorphosis of a teacher from school year to summer time. The differences are striking, lol! I hope you enjoy this comics. Please note that the new 180 Dayz School Year Calendars have arrived. These are 13 month wall calendars (September 2016-September 2017), each month featuring a new full … Continue reading Profile of a Teacher (school year vs. summer)

Summer School Sorrow

This is my first year doing the summer school thing. I think I could create an entire book filled with cartoons from my brief experience teaching the very select students one gets in their summer school classes, but for now enjoy this little tidbit that I think sums up what many¬†educators feel when teaching over … Continue reading Summer School Sorrow

A Teacher’s Independence Day

Happy 4th of July from 180Dayz! Hope you are enjoying the holiday and your summer break. Here's a new comic to get your celebrations started. Speaking of celebrating, the 180Dayz Calendar Project is 90% funded! ¬†We only have a few days left to go, and if the goal isn't reached then the funding doesn't go … Continue reading A Teacher’s Independence Day