The Joys of Teacher Professional Development Video

Here's a video to follow up to my professional development comic, illustrating clearly how much fun and excitement typically fill a teacher's professional development experience, lol! If you missed my other videos, check the links below to see the others: Dry Expo Markers Friendly Students Photocopier Machines Catching up on Grading why subscribe to 180dayz? … Continue reading The Joys of Teacher Professional Development Video


the invisible man

  Professional development, a term often synonymous with "teacher detention." We all desire to fulfill our professional responsibilities and grow in our teacher craft, but there are times when we may need to don the "invisible man" suit during a PD. And let's all be honest, sometimes even if we are physically present, we may … Continue reading the invisible man

grievance guillotine

The other day a friend and colleague of mine was talking with me about my work and how there is such a great need for teacher specific humor these days as educators are facing more stressful working conditions than ever before.  Discussing the great need that is out there, we contemplated why the cartoons haven't reached into … Continue reading grievance guillotine